Therapy & Counselling Services for Clients in the Ottawa and Surrounding Area

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions with the therapist and the individual. Issues can include, but are not limited to, areas such as stress, anxiety, depression, identity, self-esteem/confidence, shame, guilt, past experiences, and trauma.

The aim of individual therapy is to establish your goals and work towards those by exploring the factors that may be impacting and contributing to the issues. Therapy is done in a confidential and safe environment, free of any judgment where you can feel safe to delve into your thoughts and feelings. 

Perinatal Counselling 

Perinatal counselling is aimed at supporting mothers, fathers, couples, and families experiencing some form of pregnancy-related distress. This can include working with parents on issues such as dealing with infertility and miscarriage, birthing trauma, isolation, self-confidence, anxiety, renewing a sense of identity as a parent, navigating career transitions, and recognizing and addressing post-partum depression and anxiety.

Perinatal counselling can also provide the time and space to nurture the marital or couple relationship. Perinatal counselling sessions can be individual or as a couple. Our office space is baby-friendly and we welcome new parents who are attending counselling for perinatal issues to bring their newborn if they feel uncomfortable or are unable to leave them with another caregiver. 

EMDR Therapy 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is an extensively researched psychotherapy that helps clients recover from trauma and other distressing life events. The premise of this therapy is that adverse experiences that have not been fully processed by the brain, can cause disruption and problems in our present day lives.

EMDR uses the brains natural tendency towards healing to process stuck memories or events that cause disruptions in day to day living. EMDR therapy can be used to treat past or recent trauma, anxiety/panic, stress, adverse experiences and much more.


Infertility Counselling

Infertility counselling is aimed at supporting individuals and families experiencing any form of fertility related struggles

We work with individuals and couples at any stage of their infertility journey. This work includes but is not limited to supporting clients through exploratory testing, IUI, IVF, adoption, and exploring the possibility of a child-free life.

​Couples Counselling

Couples therapy is meant for couples (married or unmarried) that are experiencing challenge or distress within their intimate relationship. Couples can be of any age and at any stage in their relationship to engage in a therapeutic process.

The aim of couples counselling is to allow each partner to feel heard and understood as well as to explore and identify dysfunctional relational patterns and work to build new patterns. Renewing the connection between the couple and improving communication are important goals in these sessions as well.

Child, Youth & Family Counselling


Located within the Robertson Therapy & Counselling office, Michelle Berezny,

Registered Psychotherapist, provides counselling services to children, youth, and families. Michelle is trained to work with your child or family to explore, understand, and move through a wide variety of challenges and difficulties. 

For more information and to get in touch with Michelle, please visit her website.

Our Practice

Clients work collaboratively with mental health professionals to establish therapeutic goals and work towards self-improvement and understanding.